An event run on a sealed, gravel or grass surface, comprising a course that is normally technical in nature, testing even the most agile vehicle and driver's skill.  The courses are limited to a 200m maximum length and must end with the vehicle coming to a complete stop in the "garage". You get two runs to get it right. Incompletion usually results in the slowest time plus a penalty, hence why driver skill is a focus! For the ClubSport Championship, the Motorkhana has 6 tests, with 2 attempts within each test. 

Minimum Requirements

A safe car to at least Warrant of Fitness standards (especially brakes, steering and seat). 

The driver must be a minimum of 12 years old.

Opportunities exist to enter a maximum of two basic events (such as an Motorkhana) prior to gaining membership of a MotorSport NZ member club.