A Rally is an event made up of several high speed “Special Stages” (public or private roads, sealed or unsealed, but closed to the public and ranging in length from 2 to 40km plus) over which each “Rally Crew” (driver and co-driver) competes, attempting to drive the distance in the shortest possible time.  Competitors start each Special Stage at 1 minute intervals.

The role of the co-driver (navigator) is to read route instructions to the driver from a road book (provided by the organisers) which details intersections and some hidden hazards on the course.

Most rallies in NZ are ‘blind rallies, with the course unknown to the competing crews until the issue of the route book. 

The Special Stages in a Rally are linked by Touring Stages which are the means of getting from one special stage to the next, and are driven at normal road speeds, observing all road rules.  Opportunities are also provided during the rally for the servicing of the rally car.

Minimum Requirements

A fully prepared rally car, registered and with a current Warrant of Fitness, equipped with a roll cage, full harness seat belts, protected fuel lines, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, tow rope, etc. (as per Schedule A).  Both crew members must belong to a MotorSport NZ member club, be holders of an R grade licence and the driver must also hold a civil licence.