These are events are an introduction to rallying.  They are held on closed road venues with the course upto a maximum distance of 10km. Timing consisits of rally clocks and time cards. 

The course and the way it is organised is the same as for a rally special stage and so gives the competitors the opportunity to both learn and practice the skills and knowledge required for rallying.

The winner of a Rallysprint is the competitor (including a co-driver) who takes the least amount of time to complete the course in both directions.

Minimum Requirements
​​​​​​​The vehicle must comply with MotorSport NZ’s stringent Safety Schedule A, which includes having a certified safety cage.

The drivers shall hold a minimum of the clubsport M licence

The driver must be a member of MotorSport NZ, and both the driver and passenger (co-driver) must wear personal safety equipment in accordance with Schedule A, including helmet and fire retardant overalls.