Being a member of the Nelson Car Club alows you to compete at over 20 motorsports event a year
The club’s membership year is from January 1st to December 31st.

New to Motorsport - Create an online profile
Under MSNZ login/ Licences/ select add membership

Or follow the link below to apply for membership for the 2024 season
Membership 2024 online application form

Membership fees for 2024

$80 single

$120 joint

$40 youth

$50 non competing
Your membership card is now displayed through the MotorSport New Zealand app for your phone, under profile/licences. Physical cards are no longer sent out.

You can download the app through the android and apple stores.

Please be paitent, our treasurer and membership officer only check once a week for membership appications and payments

Any issues please contact me
Membership Officer